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Windows Server 2016 - 10 User CALs

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Windows Server 2016 - 10 User CALs

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available in
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Product information "Windows Server 2016 - 10 User CALs"

When you purchase a Windows Server 2016, you receive a server license that authorizes you to install the operating system on a computer. However, you need additional licenses to allow your employees full access to the server. This is done by user licenses, so-called user CALs.

Each server user needs its own Windows 2016 User CAL

Windows Server 2016 User CALs (Client Access Licenses) allow you to network individual users with a Windows Server operating system. In order to make your Windows Server 2016 operating system used by as many users as possible, you need corresponding Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User CALs. For each user to be connected to the server system, a separate access license must be verified. Thereafter, the user has full access to the contents and services of the server system, which is decided by the administrator.

Easy access through individual access data

Unlike Device CALs, also known as device licenses, User CALs for Windows Server 2016 is always tied to a specific user. This receives individual access data from the server and can be used from any workstation. User CALs are not tied to a specific device. That's why they are particularly well-suited if your employees use multiple devices, such as a desktop PC and a laptop. Every user has full access to the server from any device via his Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User CAL. The user licenses make working so much more flexible and allow easy and fast access to the relevant data.

Easily connect all employees with the server

The number of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 User CALs you need to buy depends on how many people need server access. With the purchase of this product, you will receive 1 User CAL. This allows exactly one user to access the server. You can extend your Windows Server 2016 User CALs as you like, giving all your employees access to the server. Adjust the required amount of CALs exactly to your needs, work cost-efficiently and save resources. Note: User CALs and Device CALs can be combined but not split. They are always tied to their purpose. A Windows 2016 User CAL can be used for Windows Server Standard and Windows Server Exchange.

Note: By purchasing User CALs, you will receive a document that identifies you as the legitimate user of the licenses.


Platform Windows

Supported Operating System

Windows Server 2016

Processor no information
Memory no information
Disk Space no information
Graphical card no information

Sound card

no information


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for Windows Server 2016 - 10 User CALs

15 Jul 2019

Unkompliziert schnell und freundlich!

12 Jul 2019

Klare Empfehlung ^^

Super Service, blitzschnelle lieferung und dazu noch ein netter und schnell hilfsbereiter support. Was will man mehr?

24 May 2019

Super Kundenservice

Bestellung getätigt und auch sehr schnell erhalten...werde euch auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen, so einem Kundenservice muss man erlebt haben

23 May 2019

Super Software Laden nur zu empfehlen

22 May 2019


Sehr nette Leute.
* Sehr Hilfsbereit.
* Günstige Preise.
* Und reagieren sofort um jedes Problem ihren Künden zu lösen. Ich hab die beste Erfahrung bis jetzt gehabt!

* 24-Stünden Künden-Support ist auch dabei!

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