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Activate Windows 10

We have seen in earlier articles how to activate Office 2016 by phone. There are two ways to enable Windows 10. First activation via the Internet and second, activation by phone. In this article, we will see how to activate Windows 10 or Windows 8 online and by phone. We'll also show you how to find the Microsoft Office phone numbers in your area. You'll need to call the Phone Activation Center to activate your Windows version.

To activate your Windows 10:

1- Online Activation:

You can enable the Windows 10 license during installation when the following screen appears. Just enter the Windows license key, which contains 25 characters, to activate your product online.



2- Phone activation:

There are two ways to activate your Windows 10 by phone:

The first method to activate Windows 10:


1. Click on the «start menu» and then on Settings

2. Click on «Update and Security»

 3. Click to Activate Windows Now or Change Product Key.


In the Product Activation Wizard, follow these steps:

1 Click Call the Microsoft Activation Center


2- Click the drop-down menu, select the one closest to you, and then click Next.

3- Call the activation center number displayed in step 1.

4- When prompted, enter the installation ID displayed in step 2.

5- The voice activation server communicates with you the confirmation ID with 9 groups to be entered in step 3


The second method for activating Windows 10:

Enter slui.exe 4 in Windows search bar and then click on "slui.exe 4 run command", a new window will appear, which will allow you to activate your Windows by phone.


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