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24h and at the speed of light
Digital, Dynamic, Direct
Here at IT-NERD24, the paradise for software enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts, we emphasize service - in binary code! Our mission is not only to offer you top-notch software from the digital universe but also to provide customer service as responsive as a gaming PC with the latest graphics card.
"We are
available 24 hours
for you!"
🤖 LiveChat:
Whether day or night, our service droids are available 24/7 in our LiveChat to assist you. We are faster than a speed test, ready to answer your questions.
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📞 Phone:
Call the galactic hotline at 0808 1890184

(Mon-Fri from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm)

We will connect you with our service Jedi, who patiently and skillfully navigate through any technical disturbances in hyperspace.
📧 Email:
Send us an email message in a bottle to

and expect a prompt response - at any time of day or night.
📱 WhatsApp & SMS:
Reach us via WhatsApp or SMS with a tap. We are online all the time to respond to your instant messages faster than a ping response.
👥 Facebook Messenger:
We are also ready 24/7 to dive into the world of bits and bytes through Facebook Messenger to assist you.
"Imagine having an IT specialist by your side around the clock!"
That's it-nerd24
Maximum waiting time for tickets outside of opening hours:
A warp drive for your concerns - we guarantee that every ticket response will occur within 6 hours. Even outside our core hours, our support team moves at the speed of light.

And if you ever find yourself in the depths of error messages and system crashes, don't panic: we are just a signal away. In this case, please do not open multiple tickets. Our logic modules sort requests chronologically, and multiple signals can disrupt our warp drive. Instead, our dedicated team often reaches light speed within minutes, with response times averaging an impressive 5-7 minutes on business days.

Don't forget: At IT-NERD24, you are more than just a customer number in an infinite database - you are part of our crew on the exciting journey through the software galaxy.
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