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Windows error message

Error message 0x80070490 - Windows Update error

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Causes of Windows Error Message 0x80070490

The Windows error message 0x80070490 is an update error that can occur on older Windows versions like Windows 7/8 as well as on Windows 10. The bug is most prevalent in installations, updates, and Microsoft-related software. However, most PC users can not do much with such error messages, so here we first clarify what is behind the error code 0x80070490 or which causes are responsible for the Windows error.

There are usually problems with the security software Microsoft Security Essentials, for example, errors during the download or installation of the program or its updates. Among other things, viruses or Trojans may be responsible for this. These delete or change installation files of the safety program. Windows detects that the program is not working properly and warns the user with the error message 0x80070490.

Another reason for error code 0x80070490 on Windows updates is an error in the associated component-based maintenance (CBS manifest).

However, the reasons for the 0x80070490 error code are versatile and vary from PC to PC. If you're having trouble locating the cause of the error code, our IT specialists can help. Otherwise, you can try the following solutions yourself to fix the Windows error message 0x80070490.

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