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Windows Server 2012 - 10 Device CALs

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Windows Server 2012 - 10 Device CALs

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Product information "Windows Server 2012 - 10 Device CALs"

 1 Device CAL for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - Product Description

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is one of the major operating systems in the world, which helps you to manage private or company server structures easily and securely. Although a newer version of Microsoft Windows Server 2014 is available, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is still widely used in thousands of companies. With a Device CAL, you can extend the existing structures with another network device, and access to the Microsoft server operating system to one or more people. By acquiring the license, the unlimited and legal use of the system and all server structures becomes possible.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - Purchase license for another device


Licensing of software products can be divided into two types, User CALs, and Device CALs. While User Client Access Licenses (CALs) assign the license to a specific person irrespective of the devices used, Device CAL refers to a specific device. The type of license will be written in the contract when purchasing. User CALs take over the name and other personal data of the licensee, while the Device CAL records the serial number of the device on which Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is being installed.


Before buying the license we will recommend considering carefully which type of license will work best for you. Both offer different advantages which should be considered. For employees who besides working in the office also regularly work outside of the office User CALs will be more convenient. With User CALs, they will be able to use other devices as well. On the contrary, the Device CAL is suitable for workplaces where the work is restricted only to working hours thus only specific devices will be licensed.

Manage access to server structures easily and securely

By purchasing a device license for the Microsoft Server operating system, another node is being created in the existing network structure. This node keeps information about giving access to the entire server structures or restricting the possible areas of the network. To the administrators of a private or corporate network individual access rights can be assigned, which are bound not only to the device but also to the person. For some devices, it can also be specified which data or information can be accessed or edited. It is important to carefully consider the needs and goals of the enterprise in this area in order to make the best strategic decision.

Select and purchase the right number of licenses

By purchasing this item in our online shop, users opt for a single license. It makes sense to acquire them if server structures already exist under the Microsoft Server operating system. If this is the first time that a network is to be set up under Microsoft Windows Server 2012, purchasing a license bundle makes sense. These can also be found in our shop and offer buyers price advantages over the purchase of the appropriate number of individual licenses. In addition, it should be considered whether the licenses for the Microsoft server operating system should be acquired as device licenses, or whether the purchase of user CALs would make more sense for the various employees.

Easy acquisition of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Device CAL

For a low-cost purchase of licenses with direct downloads of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, our online shop is the right choice. We offer a wide range of software solutions and licenses that include Microsoft Windows Server 2012 as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2014 and other well-known and widely-used applications. Immediately after the purchase of the license, the corresponding application can be downloaded to the respective device. In addition, we send written documents that clearly identify the buyer as a licensee and refer to the licensed computer, laptop, etc.


Platform Windows
Supported Operating System Windows Server 2012
Processor at least 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
Memory at least 512 MB
Disk Space at least 32 GB
Graphical card no information
Sound card no information
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