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We show solidarity with Ukraine
Kaspersky is a Russian company that we no longer want to support in the long term. Therefore, we are currently offering you the unique opportunity to change your antivirus software extremely cheaply.
We therefore make the switch not only easy for you, but also inexpensive. We offer you antivirus software from Norton for only 1€. In the end, we will donate the entire proceeds from this campaign to the benefit of the Ukrainian refugees!
All proceeds will be donated!
Norton for only 1€
We support you in changing your antivirus software.
Delete Kaspersky and now switch to Norton. We are currently offering the software for just €1. So what are you waiting for? Solidarity and protection is now in your hands.
Online donations for emergency and disaster relief
Aktion Deutschland Hilft is an alliance of renowned German aid organizations. The aim of our alliance is to achieve an even more efficient use of your donations and to provide people in need with joint, fast and coordinated help. Here you will find an overview of the alliance partners and their priorities.
Norton Security more than just an antivirus
The more frequently you are online with your different devices and the more personal information is stored on these devices, the more security you need. Do you use your tablet to watch videos or shop online? Do you go online with your smartphone to pay bills or check your bank balance?
With Norton Security you can easily protect your computers, smartphones and tablets on multiple operating systems with just one solution: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS - and Windows 10.
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