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StarMoney 9 Business PLUS

StarMoney 9 Business PLUS

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Product information "StarMoney 9 Business PLUS"


The professional banking software for your complete financial management.

The banking software for business customers from freelancers and self-employed, to small ones

Companies to medium-sized businesses.

StarMoney Business 8 offers comprehensive tools for modern financial management and, thanks to its wide range of possible uses, is the first choice for business customers of all sizes.

Flexible division of labor

- Installation on a PC and / or in the company network

- Can be used for up to 25 different users at the same time

- Different access rights

- Approval of payments with a second signature according to the four-eyes principle

Professional banking for all financial cases

- All accounts and security media at over 2,000 banks and savings banks

- Fast processing of all payment transactions including international payments

- Time savings thanks to the support of collective orders, split bookings, SEPA direct shipping

   (XML) and SRZ files

- Automatic execution of payments

- Efficient processing of recurring payments

- Processing of data such as booking account or invoice as PDF directly when entering

What's new in StarMoney Business 9?

The new StarMoney Business 9 brings many innovations that will help you to gain an even better understanding of your financial situation. In the following we present the most important news compared to StarMoney Business 8:

The most important information at a glance - in the new finance dashboard
The new finance dashboard provides you with an overview of the most important financial figures. In this way you can see where your company is financially and what your company's liquidity is.

Completely revised dynamic and flexible evaluations
The completely revised evaluation area with analyzes such as income / expenditure comparison or recipient / sender evaluation helps you to analyze the finances of your company dynamically and flexibly in detail - quickly and intuitively. This will give you a better understanding of your cash outflows, sources of income and your company's liquidity.

Improved forecasts through automatic recognition of recurring sales
From now on, the new automatic recognition of recurring sales leads to better forecasts of your future asset development. In addition, the liquidity forecast and the payment calendar are automatically filled with expected bookings.

Ease of work through automated processes
Numerous other optimizations bring even more efficiency to StarMoney Business 9. For example, bills can now be scanned and transferred collectively using batch processing, and newly available account statements can be automatically printed out if desired.

Simplified user interface and many other optimizations
Further improvements in StarMoney Business 9 make the application easier for you to use and help you to keep an eye on the finances of your company even more easily. The navigation has been tidied up in parts and functions such as the payment calendar and the notification center have been revised and positioned in a central location. We have simplified some functions and processes and information dialogs that have always been a problem are no longer displayed.


  • New overview - dashboard
  • Financial metrics
  • Central account list
  • Sales list
  • Relevant evaluations
  • Notifications, notification center and payment calendar in the menu bar
  • New contract management
  • New evaluations
  • New expected sales

New overview - Dashboard

The new dashboard gives you an overview of the most important key figures for your corporate finances. Here you can see your account balances, current sales and your financial situation at a glance.

Financial metrics

Some of the most important questions that our users ask themselves about corporate finances relate to the current financial situation:

  • How much money is currently in the accounts?
  • What has already been spent and received this month?
  • What's still to come?
  • How much money is still available?

All of these questions are answered at a glance in the dashboard. For this purpose, we have introduced the financial indicators that are displayed at the top of the dashboard:


The order of the key financial figures follows a simple offset:


Central account list

Giving you an overview of your individual accounts and account balances has always been an important part of StarMoney. On the new overview page, however, the list of accounts is of particular importance. Because in future it will serve as a central filter for the entire overview. The information on the new overview page (from the key financial figures to sales and evaluations) will in future always be displayed depending on the accounts or account groups selected in the account list.

You can use it to switch quickly and easily between different accounts and account groups and not only get an overview of your finances, but also for individual accounts or account groups. You now have the option to easily switch between an ungrouped and grouped view of the accounts.


After setting up your account, StarMoney will automatically access your accounts. When you have quit StarMoney and are starting it again, you should first update your accounts. In your account list on the overview page, you can simply call up the current account balance via [Accounts broadcast]. You can configure the accounts that are updated via the [Accounts broadcast] button via the Settings - Account broadcasts menu.



You can also use the Time-controlled broadcast tab to determine when a time-controlled automatic query of your account data should take place.



Sales list

La lista de ventas también es una parte importante de StarMoney.


The sales list refers to the accounts selected in the account list; the sales from the accounts or account groups selected in the account list are always shown. This gives you the opportunity to look at a comprehensive sales list (by selecting "All accounts" in the account list).

The sales list shows you all current (and also expected) sales with the most important information. New sales are highlighted in bold.

Relevant evaluations

In the new dashboard you will find a preview of relevant evaluations.


As with the key financial figures and the sales list, the information shown in the graphics also relates to the accounts selected in the account list. Depending on the evaluation, you will also receive further options (e.g. a possibility to directly select time periods) to adapt the graphics according to your needs.

Clicking on the headings of the individual graphics takes you to the evaluation area.


Notifications, notification center and payment calendar in the menu bar

Reminders, notice periods, payments, orders from photo transfers, information about your bank, and many other messages are now available as notifications in the revised menu bar of StarMoney.

With just one click you get to the payment calendar, open the search or your current reminders and messages.

New contract management

In the new contract management, you can now keep track of your contracts.

StarMoney automatically recognizes current contracts such as electricity, telephone or insurance from your sales. You can keep an eye on your costs with little effort and be reminded of notice periods in good time.



New evaluations

With the completely redesigned reports, you can analyze your financial situation in detail.

The various evaluations can be flexibly adapted to your questions.


The following evaluations are available:

  • Income-expenditure comparison - shows your monthly income, expenses and surpluses over time
  • Category evaluation - your income and expenses distributed across individual accounts
  • Cost center evaluation - shows the distribution of your income and expenses to individual cost centers
  • Recipient / client evaluation - who does your money go to, who do you get money from? This evaluation shows you where your money is going and where it is coming from
  • Wealth development - select an account and a time period and see how your wealth has developed.

New expected sales

StarMoney automatically analyzes your sales for regularly recurring debits or payments. The expected sales determined in this way are taken into account in the payment calendar and forecast functions.

You can manage recognized expected sales in the navigation under "Planning"> "Expected sales".



Ease of work through automated processes

- Automated data transfer to other systems, e.g. about DATEV

- Suitable account frames for your accounting

- Detailed financial reports for more control

- All financial data including the entire data history in one place

- Instead of typing payments, use practical templates or read invoices received in ZUGFeRD format

- Always have an overview of all due dates and appointments with the practical reminder function

- Comprehensive import and export options (including MT940 / 942 and CAMT)

Maximum security

- TÜV-certified - Active Trojan protection through innovative PROMON security technology

- Protection against phishing, keylogger attacks and data misuse even on infected computers

Further details and notes

- StarMoney Business supports all banking security procedures that are common in Germany


StarMoney 8 Business:

Language: German

Version: Annual version - valid 365 days from activation (can be used as an initial installation and update)

Platform: Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 Windows Server 2016/2012/2008 R2

Number of licenses: - Installation on a PC and / or in the company network

- Can be used for up to 25 different users at the same time

Medium: Download license


System requirements:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer (latest version)

- Microsoft .NET framework (from 4.0)

- PDF reader

- Activation of your accounts for online banking

- IBM-compatible PC from Pentium 4

- Windows 7 *, Windows 8 * / 8.1 *, 10 *, Windows Server 2008 R2 *, Windows Server 2012 *,

   Windows Server 2016 *: at least 2 GB RAM

- at least 900 MB (local installation) or 1 GB (server installation) free hard disk space

- Network installation: 100Mbit LAN connection

- Recommended minimum resolution: 1,280 x 1,024

* including current service pack

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