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Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer

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Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer

Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer

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Product information "Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer"

Product information "Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer"

The life of any hard drive begins with a series of organized files carefully arranged in a sequential data unit on the hard drive.


More and more data is written to and read from your hard disk, applications are installed or deleted, the sequential units are fragmented.



This is where Fix-It Disk Optimizer comes in!


 Fix-It Disk Optimizer erases all fragments from your hard drive by merging all free space units.

Your storage space is thus larger. The low density files are also merged so that they are quickly accessible from the location where they were sequentially read.

Fix-It Disk Optimizer solves the problems of data fragmentation and shortens the reboot time of your PC.

With Fix-It Disk Optimizer, all data fragments are arranged in sequential order on your hard drive, improving data access time.


Fix-It Disk Optimizer optimizes your PC's response time by rearranging the files stored on your hard drive. Fix-It Disk Optimizer is an efficient way to improve the performance of your system with just a few clicks.

An easy-to-use interface Fix-It

  • Disk Optimizer has an advanced easy-to-use defragmentation module. Even beginners can use this program easily and without the help of experts.
  • Very little free disk space is required to install Fix-It Disk Optimizer
  • Fix-It Disk Optimizer works even on hard disks that have very little free space (less than 1 GB of free space is needed for this to work).
  • Complete protection of your data
  • Fix-It Disk Optimizer will not harm your hard drive and stored data in any way, unlike many defragmentation software programs on the market.
  • Defragments and optimizes your hard disk efficiently
  • Fix-It Optimizer defragments your data and arranges your files based on date and location changes. Data access time and performance of your entire system is improved.
  • Optimizes your system resources
  • Fix-It Disk Optimizer writes contiguous files to the disk using the minimum system resources.
  • Summary report and graphical representation
  • Fix-It Disk Optimizer calculates and displays the level of disk defragmentation and also generates a graphical representation of the fragmentation and defragmentation. It also publishes a summary before/after report on the optimisation statistics.
Additional features

Fix-It Disk Optimizer now includes a number of tools to ensure optimal performance of your PC

Function"Clean up": üsuperfluous files become deleted from your system

  • Deletes the files with IDs
  • Determines how certain file types are managed
  • Cleans up the unnecessary files left behind after the uninstallations
  • Presents the report of detected Recycle Bin files, temporary files and empty folders.
  • Creates a System Restore point before the files are cleaned up

When a Windows application is started or installed, the data required for the operation is written to your hard disk in the form of several files. For the programs that need Internet, these files contain the traces of your online searches and purchases.


For various reasons, some of these temporary files are not deleted, remain on your hard disk and take up a considerable amount of space there.

As a result, your system will become less powerful, increasing the risk of data loss, accidental restarts, or any other degradation or failure

Disk Cleaner feature: identifies the trash files that threaten the stability of your system

Main advantages:

  • Releases the memory space for the use of other applications
  • Increases the overall performance of your system
  • Protects your privacy by deleting the files with IDs

Function"Data carrier": repairs the possible disk errors

  • Checks the files on your hard disk
  • Detects bad sectors on your hard disk
  • Saves the usable data of the bad sectors of your hard disk
  • Provides important information about all hard disks in your system
  • Creates a check-up for each disk on your system

Your hard disk is exposed to numerous attacks from all the computer components installed on your PC, and the "data carrier" function ensures that your hard disk is ready for operation!

Function"Disk Info": informs you about the cause of the problem

The Disk Info function saves the usable files found in these bad sectors and with the Disk Info function you will be able to recover your data!

Main advantages:

  • Recovers the data from the bad sectors of your hard disk
  • Notifies you of problems detected on your hard drive
  • Gets the IDs of your hard disk for troubleshooting

Function"Duplicates": all duplicated filesbecomedeleted from your system

  • Finds the duplicated files and deletes them
  • Performs fast and efficient testing and deletion processes
  • Searches for the duplicated files on the different disks

The duplicated files use a lot of unnecessary disk space and can reduce the system file hit rate. They can also lead to a bug-prone environment: if an application finds more than one identical file, it may use the wrong file, resulting in an immediate crash.

Dup Files Remover meticulously scans your hard drive and deletes all duplicate files from your system, freeing up disk space and optimizing your system files.

Main advantages:

  • Releases memory space
  • Reduces the risk of program errors
  • Improves the performance of your system
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for Avanquest Fix-It Disk Optimizer

22 Apr 2020

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