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Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 14 Platinum

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Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 14 Platinum

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 14 Platinum

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Product information "Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 14 Platinum"

Are you annoyed about freezing programs, system crashes, error messages and the like? And are you tired of your computer getting slower and slower? Then it's time to take control with Fix-It Utilities™ 14 Platinum! Complete Wizards allow you to run extensive diagnostic tests and quickly fix PC problems so that your computer always runs as if it were new.

Even if you are not a PC expert - no problem! Incorrect settings, data garbage and fragmentation are the cause of most PC problems and are caused by everyday use. With the complete wizards and Active Intelligence technology of Fix-It Utilities™ 14 Platinum you will automatically solve all problems yourself. Specialist knowledge is not required!


NEW! PC Analyzer technology

This exclusive new feature analyzes Windows services, processes, and programs-from system startup to usage to shutdown-to find the causes of performance issues.

  • Comprehensive analysis of Windows services, processes and programs
  • Easy to understand graphics with report information
  • High performance real-time alerts when PC performance is decreasing
  • Deactivation of processes that tie up too many system resources without interfering with work

NEW! 400% faster registry repair

RegistryFixer has been revised and fixes registry problems 400% faster. The optimal performance of Windows is thus guaranteed.

  • Testing of more than 11 different areas of the registry of Windows
  • Detailed explanations and comprehensible information
  • Complete repair or own selection of problems to be fixed in the registry
  • Different modes - "Normal" and "Advanced" - according to computer ski

NEW! Program Optimization accelerates and optimizes your favorite and most frequently used programs and games.

  • Accelerated program start and faster system response
  • Detailed, easy to understand results for the elements to be optimized
  • Complete repair or own selection of the programs to be optimized
  • Optional optimization of programs, program data, system files of Windows or of all elements

NEW! WindowsOptimizer Changes the effect and behavior of hundreds of different settings in Windows to reduce system resource utilization and optimize performance..

  • Customization of 13 different categories of settings in Windows
  • Simple activation/deactivation of services with appropriate controls
  • Start menu, Windows appearance and effects, Windows Update, System paths
  • Context menu, administration, desktop, taskbar, Windows Explorer and more

NEW! Extensively revised user interface

Fix-It has been redesigned from the ground up and is now easier and more intuitive to use than ever before.

  • Groundbreaking new tools
  • Easy to understand descriptions and explanations
  • Revised tool categories
  • Innovative workflow with detailed reports

NEW! antivirus and anti-spyware engine

Increased PC protection against the most harmful external threats

  • The program is smaller, faster and lighter and offers protection unnoticed.
  • 64-bit rootkit detection and support
  • Automatic testing of removable drives
  • Testing the extensions in Firefox

NEW! Correction of invalid links detects and repairs invalid network links better than ever before

NEW! File Shredder now includes a history display, allows simultaneous shredding of 999 files and finally destroys all items in the trash.

NEW! System Dashboard

Overview of important system information, hard disk space, available RAM, battery charge and processes running on the PC in one central location.

  • The system information documents: the operating system, default web browser, IP address, power settings and battery status.
  • Find out about the used and free space on the hard disk, the memory usage and the degree of disk defragmentation.
  • Track which programs and processes are started with Windows and used when the PC is in use

NEW! Data recovery

Easily recover deleted files and data on hard drives, USB drives, flash drives and memory cards.

NEW! Share hard disk space

Are you running out of disk space? Are your files scattered all over the hard drive? No worries. Use "Free up disk space" to find out where large, duplicate, trash, and Internet files are stored on your computer

  • Get a visual overview of the disk usage and use a list to determine the largest and duplicate files.
  • Empty the browsing and downloading history, the cache from surfing the Internet and delete the Internet cookies.
  • Search and remove unneeded data garbage of the system and other kind.

NEW! Compatibility with Windows 8

Now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows8, run Fix-It and enjoy comprehensive protection and an optimized system


Fix-It Utilities™ 14 Platinum is the ideal solution for the repair and maintenance of computers in one program. With Fix-It Professional you can check your PC with a single click using complete diagnostic tests. Your computer remains as powerful as on the first day!

Why is Fix-It Utilities™ 14 Platinumso incomparable?

The answer is simple: no other repair and maintenance program offers such powerful PC analysis technology (Active Intelligence - patent pending!).

This exclusive feature analyzes Windows programs, processes, and services from startup to shutdown and while you work.

Disable processes that use too many system resources without affecting your work.

Diagnose and repair the computer with the complete wizards in one go

  • The Optimization Wizard optimizes the hard disk and system registry to achieve significant performance improvements of the system.
  • The Security Wizard detects and removes thousands of different virus, spyware and malware threats and protects you from them.
  • The FixUp Wizard detects system problems, suggests repairs to the Windows registry, and tests the hardware

Active Intelligence™ technology - The comprehensive tool for optimizing the PC

Active Intelligence automatically monitors and fixes all optimization problems on the PC in the background. Active Intelligence monitors disk status, available disk space, disk fragmentation, registry errors, excessive temporary files, startup programs and much more around the clock. Achieve significant performance improvements on the PC. Choose one of three easy-to-use inspection and repair modes that best suits your PC usage

  • Scan and repair: Search for the most common problems and fix them automatically.
  • Just checking: Perform a check and make the desired corrections manually based on the results.
  • Manual: Manually search for and fix problems.

PROGRAM OPTIMIZATION accelerates the startup and responsiveness of programs by optimizing installed programs, program data, and Windows files.

MEMORYOPTIMIZER improves PC performance by resizing the paging file and optimizing Windows memory usage

WINDOWSOPTIMIZER changes the effects and behavior of various settings in Windows to ensure optimal PC speed and performance

OPTIMIZE INTERNET SPEED optimizes high-speed Internet connections and accelerates browser response, downloads, and web browsing with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

DISKDEFRACT defragments the hard disk, optimizes the file systems and consolidates the free space These measures result in increased reliability, better performance and a significantly shorter system startup time.

REGISTRY DESIGN defragments, organizes and optimizes the Windows registry for optimal speed and significantly improved PC performance

REGISTRYCLEANER speeds up the PC by removing unneeded entries in the Windows registry.

Protection against data loss with AutoSave Essentials

Automatic backup to external media (hard disk, USB stick, network, FTP).

  • Never again data loss: Data recovery with 1 click.
  • Easy to use thanks to the precise instructions of the wizard.
  • Automatically saves all formats - photos, emails, videos, documents etc.
  • Runs unobtrusively in the background to protect your data.
  • Creates backup copies of your data, photos, music etc.

Significant acceleration of the PC - optimization of startup time, daily use and more!

  • Disabling startup programs to speed up the Windows startup process
  • Identify the programs and processes that tie up the most resources
  • Improve system performance by optimizing memory usage in Windows.
  • Defragment the hard disk to improve PC performance and reliability
  • Optimization of browsers, the speed of downloads and surfing the Internet
  • Personalize Windows settings for optimal speed and performance
  • Overview of the condition of the PC with easy to understand reporting

Repair the PC today and prevent the problems of tomorrow!

  • Disabling startup programs to speed up the Windows startup process
  • Eliminate PC crashes, freezes and restarts
  • Repairing Windows when it no longer starts
  • Create a bootable emergency CD in case of a disaster
  • Troubleshooting the Windows® registry
  • Repair invalid links in the registry
  • Early detection system for hardware problems
  • Searching for and correcting hard disk errors
  • Repair of the security holes in Windows

Clean your PC from paralyzing data garbage and more!

  • Removal of more than 100 different file types from data garbage
  • Removal of temporary files that occupy valuable storage space
  • Final destruction of files according to the standards of the US Department of Defense
  • Reliable and final destruction of ALL DOCUMENTS in the PC's wastebasket
  • Recover significant hard disk space through safe and thorough cleaning
  • Protection of privacy on the Internet by deleting browser and search history and cookies.

Protect your PC around the clock even against the latest threats!

  • Virus, spyware and malware detection and removal
  • Prevent rootkits and keyloggers from stealing personal data
  • Real-time protection against all malicious activities
  • Hourly updates to protect against the latest threats
  • Protection of the computer against hackers and attackers
System requirements
Version 14
Size 67,7 Mo
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • 170 MB free hard disk space
  • 1 GB working memory
  • Internet connection for updates
  • Note: Software updates by downloading for one Year(new versions, optimization rules and malicious code signatures) from the first installation on the first PC.
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